21 Critical Questions You Should Ask Any IT Consultant or Company Before Giving Them Access To Your IT Systems



Let’s face it, not all IT consultants are created equal. The question is, which one will give you honest, straightforward, and ACCURATE advice and which ones will overcharge you, not deliver on promises and (potentially) make things worse due to gross incompetence? Don’t trust your critical IT operations to just anyone!

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  • The “dirty little secret” of the IT support industry that most people don’t know and will never be told by their IT guy (this will surprise you).
  • 21 revealing questions that will help you instantly spot an unethical or grossly incompetent IT support technician in minutes.
  • 4 costly misconceptions most business owners have about IT services – and what you need to consider when selecting an IT firm.
  • Hackers, ransomware and data theft: what you REALLY need to know to protect yourself from a costly, devastating ransomware attack.

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