Virtual Chief Security Officer

Our Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO) solution will help your business make security decisions, understand security threats, and optimize security processes. With our vCSO solution, you will retain a board-level resource who can virtually sit inside your company and help manage your security strategy, budget, review of risks, and regulatory programs.

Get the Benefit of Highly-Specialized Security Talent For a Fraction of the Cost Of a Full-Time Staff Member

With our vCSO solution, we will not be sitting on the sidelines. Our goal is to constantly and consistently deliver you results.

If you’re looking for:

  • Peace of mind knowing your security is working properly to protect your business
  • Third-party security analysis to meet cyber insurance requirements
  • Have a third party validate and proofread your team’s work

…it’s time to get ongoing security management in place.

Our White Glove Cyber solution provides:

Quarterly Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis
Each quarter, we’ll perform a comprehensive analysis of your environment. We will provide a detailed report of the findings. We will even break our findings down into a report tailored specifically for your leadership team.

Issue Tracking and Management
Our security portal provides a place where we help your team maintain an issues list and log updates as items are addressed and validated. We also send monthly email reminders to identify high-priority items to be resolved and celebrate the progress made.

Policy and Procedure Portal
You can house all policy and procedure documentation in a centralized location, make sure your team has reviewed your documents, keep track of changes over time, and provide training on how policies impact your operations. We will even give you access to Z-JAK’s full library of policy and procedure templates to get started on the right foot.

Vendor Management
Record client-vendor security information and store important contract documentation in one secure location. Provide self-assessment questionaries to help validate your vendors’ cybersecurity posture. Z-JAK even provides processes for evaluating new vendors’ security posture before engaging with them.

Threat Intelligence
We’ll keep you up to date on the latest security events and vulnerabilities. Our team identifies steps you can take as users to help make sure your team doesn’t roll out the red carpet to hackers using one of these new vulnerabilities.

Office Hours
You will have exclusive access to office-hour support sessions to address or answer any security questions you or your team might have. You can get questions answered, troubleshoot issues, or listen to the discussion for useful tips and tricks.

Training Resources
Most security training sucks. Our real-world “how hackers get in” security sessions are different. When your employees understand WHY they need to change their password and are offered a quick life hack to make it easy…we’ve found MUCH higher success rates.

Cyber Stack Reviews
Do you have the right tools in place? Do you have too many tools installed? With Z-JAK’s security stack review process, we make sure you don’t have overlap within your security stack, leaving you wide open to an attack from a different direction. Basically, we make sure your front door is locked and you also have your back door locked.

Nearly Every Data Breach is Preventable

Unfortunately, cybercriminals rely on the common belief that just because you’ve been able to avoid an incident like this in the past, you’re safe now.

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