Security Training & Consulting

Comprehensive Evaluation of Your Online Security


Data breaches and viruses often make the headlines. Choosing the right tools to provide an appropriate layered defense can be overwhelming. We can provide a comprehensive review of your current systems and make recommendations to help strengthen your security.

However, one of the most overlooked aspect of your security defenses is the human element. It only takes one employee that opens a malicious email to breach your network.

Security awareness training is a key requirement for an effective security defense. We can provide information security awareness training to your team that is easy to understand and does not interfere with daily activities.

Dedicated Training Portal

Each employee will have access to their own training portal so that they can take online courses at times convenient to them. This helps to minimize disruptions to employee productivity.

The training portal is mobile friendly so that users can complete their training on any device.

Real-Time Reporting

Training is only beneficial if it’s actually completed. Through real-time reporting, management has the ability to easily see the status of employee training. Reminders can be send to employees who need to complete their training.

Auto-Enroll on Failures

When our phishing simulator identifies employees who need additional training, you have the option to automatically assign security training courses to anyone who fails a phishing test. With this feature, the burden of assigning training is minimized. Employees who fail a phishing test are assigned security training and the system monitors their progress.

This works in conjunction with the real-time reporting. You will no longer have to wonder if employees are receiving the proper security training.

Comprehensive Security Training

The training platform includes a number of security awareness training courses. We provide varying levels of training from general information security awareness training to more targeted phishing awareness training. These courses help to address the basic security needs for all businesses.

If you need something more in-depth, our course library provides access to content from other vendors as well.

Create New Courses or Customize Existing Ones

Do you need to train employees on other topics? The platform has the ability to let you create your own courses or customize an existing course. Include your own questions and answers for each course.

You have the ability to easily create training material, assign these to employees and monitor their completion progress. Use the mix of off-the-shelf or customized training to best fit your company.

Continuing Education

According to the latest statistics gathered by CSO Online, 94% of malware is delivered by email and phishing attacks account for more that 80% of security incidents. Our phishing simulator can help you proactively guard against email based social engineering attacks.

Your staff is on the front line in the anti-phishing battle and you need them to vigilant to protect your network. We highly recommend a combination of simulated phishing attacks and targeted training to create a team that reduces the risk of an email attack.

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