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We’ve all seen headlines about data breaches. There has been a growing trend toward more sophisticated, high-profile cyber attacks against companies, governments, and individuals in the past few years.

As a result, organizations have been forced to increase the complexity of their security infrastructure while reducing their attack surface to minimize threats. This has resulted in a constant battle between risk and reward that organizations must deal with daily to protect their data.

Hackers have realized small businesses could be as lucrative as well-guarded enterprises. There isn’t one button to click or pill to swallow to make your data safe.

Cybersecurity layers of protection

Cybersecurity requires a multi-layered strategy utilizing multiple applications and platforms, including proactivity and detection. That sounds like a lot, but when these tools work in harmony, you can rest assured that your network is protected.

Our proactive cybersecurity approach applies deep learning techniques that are at the forefront of protecting against cyberattacks. It’s unmatched prevention technology in a single platform.

We’ll configure a comprehensive security program, including multiple layers of protection, all working together, that can be tailored to suit your organization’s specific needs, from advanced threat prevention, detection, and response to cloud and endpoint protection. 

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7 Critical Cybersecurity Protection Layers

Threat Prevention

Threat Prevention

New cyberattacks are developed every day. Advanced techniques can throw something at protection systems that they haven’t seen. A prevention-centric approach protects data while dramatically saving resources, damages, time, and reputation.

Threat Detection

Threat Detection

The cyber threat landscape continues to shift. Preparation for a potential breach is key. In the event of a breach, discovering the problem and detailed remediation are necessary complements to any security investment.

Cloud-Based Protection

Cloud-based Protection

Cybercriminals can use the web anonymously to attack a company’s network… disrupting services, stealing employees’ personal information, applying ransomware, etc.

Email Security

Email Security

Businesses all over the world rely on email. Email is also the leading attack vector for cybercriminals. Comprehensive protection against malicious links and infected attachments is vital to keeping businesses safe against online threats spread via email.

Password Management

Password Management

Individuals deal with dozens of passwords in their personal and professional lives. A password management application maintains strong password policies, remembers every password, and logs users into every website, saving valuable time and effort.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication

Prevent unauthorized access by preventing social engineering at its root. With new deep fake technology and social engineering breaches, MFA is essential to every business. Make compromised information and credentials an inconvenience and not the end of a business.

Continuing Education

Continuing Cybersecurity Education

Your staff is on the front line in the anti-phishing battle, and you need them to be vigilant to protect your network. We highly recommend a combination of simulated phishing attacks and targeted training to create a team that reduces the risk of an email attack.

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