6 Messenger Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

People’s use of mobile messaging apps around the world has been on a constant rise. By 2021, statistics show that even more internet users will use messaging as a means of communication. In other words, welcome to the future of consumer marketing! Here are tips on how you can use messenger marketing to close more sales and grow your local business.

messenger marketing tips

Use Messenger Bots to Improve Your Customer Service

One of the best ways you can use chatbots to boost your conversions is to offer excellent customer service. By providing your customers with an immediate response to their inquiries, you are guaranteed to build trust with your leads and set yourself apart from the competition.

Take Advantage of Chatbots to Build Awareness Around Your Brand

Use your bot to let your subscribers know who you are as a brand. By presenting your products and services in a way that appeals to your fans, you’ll be able to easily qualify more leads and guide them through your sales funnel, all the while letting them know more about your business.

Encourage Your Fans to Visit Your Website, Shop or Office

Once you’ve created a connection with your leads, you may start promoting your products and your services. Of course, it helps to make the conversation feel 100% natural and avoid forcing a shameless sales pitch on your fans. Use a friendly tone to tell your potential customers to visit your product or services page on your website or invite them to come to visit or call your business.

Nurture Your Audience and Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Messenger bots, when set up properly, can help you nurture your leads and help draw their attention back to your brand every time you have something new to offer. You can use chat blasts or drip campaigns to keep your subscribers up to date about the latest product launches or let them know about important business news.

Use Emojis, Images or GIFs to Make the Conversations Authentic

Chatbots may be tireless machines, but they aren’t meant to replace authentic interactions. And since messaging is also known to be a less formal method of communication, adding emojis, images, or GIFs in the conversation is definitely going to transform an informal experience into a fun and friendly interaction between your brand and your customers.

Always Provide Your Fans to Option to Unsubscribe

Although building up a large list of subscribers sounds amazing, it’s not OK to force anyone to receive your chat blasts if they’re no longer interested in what you have to offer. Furthermore, you really don’t want anyone to start resenting your brand for receiving any messages they don’t want to read.

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