7 Steps for Establishing Exceptional Customer Service

If you’ve ever managed any business or worked in customer service, you’ll know just how important it is to keep customers happy. Customer service has a huge impact on the success (or failure) of a company. Provide a good product and good customer service, and people will keep coming back. Provide a good product with poor customer service, people will turn to your competitors. These 7 steps will help you to establish exceptional customer service, helping you to retain customers.

1. Identify Their Problem or Need

First of all, listen to them. The focus should always be on the customer, including the identification of their need or problem. Don’t pretend to hear them and then present them with what you think they need. Really listen to them. If you can prove that you’ve paid attention, understand their point of view, and really want to help with the problem they’ve communicated, it will work in your favor. This will help you to provide a solution that will satisfy and impress them.

2. Form a Connection

portrait of happy customer buying car

Always aim to strike up a connection with each customer. Tailor your approach with each customer to show that you genuinely care. Try to remember their name and previous conversations so you have something to talk about when you next speak. If you can remember the names of their children, you are sure to get added points!

Taking a personalized approach will make a customer feel valued and is sure to impress them. This demonstrates that you see them as an individual and have a genuine interest in meeting their needs. It will also make your brand more memorable, meaning your business will be remembered if they need your services again.

3. Know Your Limits

While the aim is to keep customers happy, you are never going to please everyone. There’s always going to be some boundaries that you can’t cross, even for the most disgruntled customer. Know these limits and communicate them. If you are transparent with customers, they are likely to respect that even if they aren’t happy with your position.

4. Ensure Every Contact Is a Good One

You’ll often have more than one contact with a customer. It is important that every experience they have with your brand is a good one. A single bad experience can outweigh a number of positive experiences and result in you losing a customer.

If you receive an email, respond as soon as you can. The same goes for voicemails, return their call in a timely manner. A business that is responsive and communicative is much easier to deal with and make a greater impression.

5. Always Follow Up

If you say you are going to do something, do it. Keeping your promises will show that you respect the customer and value their business. Failing to stay true to your word is one of the quickest ways to lose trust and weaken loyalty to your brand. Even if you haven’t made it clear that you will follow up, it is worth checking-in to show you truly care about the customer and want to make sure there is nothing else you can help them with.

6. Exceed Their Expectations

If you really want to impress customers, go above and beyond. Customer satisfaction is about expectation management. To keep them happy, you need to at least meet their expectations. To impress them, you need to exceed them. Beat deadlines, add value and surprise them with new ideas. Your extra investment will pay off in the long run.

7. Remember to Thank Them

This can go horribly wrong if done inauthentically, however a genuine thank you is a great way to end a conversation and show your appreciation. Thank your customers for their business and let them know they are valued. After all, without customers, you don’t have a business.

Customer service can be a difficult aspect of a business to perfect, but with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to providing exceptional customer service. Start implementing these strategies to impress your customers today!

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