Why You Need to Build an Email List

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Email marketing

Building a list is something you’ve probably heard is important, right? Everyone says, “The money is in the list.” And that’s very true.

Sure, you can get traffic many ways. There’s paid traffic, social media, SEO, video marketing… the list goes on. But all those traffic methods have one major thing in common—you’re depending on someone else for your traffic.

You can’t even count on a big social media following. Look at what happened to MySpace. People who had huge lists of followers on that platform suddenly found themselves scrambling to recover when everyone else migrated to other platforms like Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, unfortunately you can’t count on them, either.

People spent a lot of money on ads just to get more fans onto their Facebook fan pages or into groups, only to discover they had to pay AGAIN to reach those followers they already paid for because Facebook stopped delivering their posts to their fans organically! Instead,  only a tiny portion of the fans they already paid for would actually see their content unless they paid to “boost” it.

Building a list is a way of ensuring that no matter what happens, you have a source of traffic that cannot be taken away from you. You’ll have your own source of traffic that you can access and pull income from anytime.

A lot of people are intimidated by the thought of building a list. They seem to think it’s too hard, or that no one cares what they have to say, or that it’s too expensive.

Thankfully, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. Our friends at AWeber have put together a 4 hour step-by-step course that can help you get started. Check out the quick intro video below and click the button if you’re interested.


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